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Book your 2014 cottage break early, and pay a reduced deposit. Get your holiday at this years price too.

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Book your 2014 booking early and pay a low deposit and receive a price freeze - from Cottages 4 You

Early booking deals from Cottages 4 You
Get your early booking deals from Cottages 4 You - 2014

Book your cottage break early, and get a better deal

You may already be planning your cottage holiday break for 2014. If so, that's a good move! Booking your cottage break early on can result in a whole host of cost savings. Take Cottages 4 You for example. Cottages 4 You offer you two attractive reasons to book early - a price freeze on next year's holiday, and a low deposit to pay.

Book early, and only pay £25 deposit with Cottages 4 You

Book your 2014 holiday early, and you won't have to pay the standard deposit on your cottage booking. Cottages 4 You are keen on getting your business early on, so offer a deposit of £25. This is a great opportunity to book next year's holiday - even if this year's holiday has cleaned you out!

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Terms & Conditions - dull, dull, dull... but make sure you read them

As with any holiday booking you make, there are terms & conditions to accept. I know these are dull, but make sure you read them before booking anything. There are only about half a dozen terms and conditions to read, it's not like you have to attempt an on-line holiday version of War And Peace. So spend a couple of minutes reading the small print, and you will know what you are getting.

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