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Holiday Resorts in Greece

Whether you're looking for a family holiday, a romantic break - or a holiday with friends, you'll find resorts all over the world which took take your fancy. The resorts featured on this page are all in Greece - just have a little look and see whether there is something to suit your needs.
Aegean Plaza Hotel, Kamari
Name: Aegean Plaza Hotel
Area: Kamari
Aeolos Beach Hotel, Perama
Name: Aeolos Beach Hotel
Area: Perama
Afrodite Hotel, Roda
Name: Afrodite Hotel
Area: Roda
Afrodite Venus Beach Resort & Spa, Kamari
Name: Afrodite Venus Beach Resort & Spa
Area: Kamari
Akti Beach Club, Kardamena
Name: Akti Beach Club
Area: Kardamena
Aldemar Knossos Royal, Hersonissos
Name: Aldemar Knossos Royal
Area: Hersonissos
Aldemar Olympian Village, Olympia
Name: Aldemar Olympian Village
Area: Olympia
Aldemar Paradise Mare, Kalithea
Name: Aldemar Paradise Mare
Area: Kalithea
Alykanas Beach, Alykanas
Name: Alykanas Beach
Area: Alykanas
Amathus Beach Hotel, Ixia
Name: Amathus Beach Hotel
Area: Ixia
Andreas Pool Apartments, Kassiopi
Name: Andreas Pool Apartments
Area: Kassiopi
Andromeda Villas, Imerovigli
Name: Andromeda Villas
Area: Imerovigli
Antonis, Kalamaki
Name: Antonis
Area: Kalamaki
Aqualand Village, Aghios Ioannis
Name: Aqualand Village
Area: Aghios Ioannis
Aquila Rithymna Beach, Rethymnon
Name: Aquila Rithymna Beach
Area: Rethymnon
Aquis Arina Sand, Kokkini Hani
Name: Aquis Arina Sand
Area: Kokkini Hani
Arapiou Apartments, Perissa
Name: Arapiou Apartments
Area: Perissa
Atlantica Caldera Creta Paradise, Gerani
Name: Atlantica Caldera Creta Paradise
Area: Gerani
Atlantica Club Porto Bello Beach, Helona Beach
Name: Atlantica Club Porto Bello Beach
Area: Helona Beach
Atlantica Marmari Beach, Marmari
Name: Atlantica Marmari Beach
Area: Marmari
Atlantica Marmari Palace Hotel, Mastichari
Name: Atlantica Marmari Palace Hotel
Area: Mastichari
Atlantica Princess Hotel, Trianda
Name: Atlantica Princess Hotel
Area: Trianda
Atlantica Thalassa Hotel, Lambi
Name: Atlantica Thalassa Hotel
Area: Lambi
Avra Beach Hotel, Ixia
Name: Avra Beach Hotel
Area: Ixia
Best Western Hotel Galaxy, Laganas
Name: Best Western Hotel Galaxy
Area: Laganas
Bitzaro Grande Hotel, Kalamaki
Name: Bitzaro Grande Hotel
Area: Kalamaki
Blue Lagoon Resort, Kos Town
Name: Blue Lagoon Resort
Area: Kos Town
Blue Marine Resort & Spa Hotel, Aghios Nikolaos
Name: Blue Marine Resort & Spa Hotel
Area: Aghios Nikolaos
Bozikis, Laganas
Name: Bozikis
Area: Laganas
Caretta Beach, Kalamaki
Name: Caretta Beach
Area: Kalamaki
Club Magic Life Marmari Palace, Mastichari
Name: Club Magic Life Marmari Palace
Area: Mastichari
Corfu Panorama Resort, Sidari
Name: Corfu Panorama Resort
Area: Sidari
Cyprotel Faliraki, Faliraki
Name: Cyprotel Faliraki
Area: Faliraki
Dimitris Pefkos Blue Studios, Pefkos
Name: Dimitris Pefkos Blue Studios
Area: Pefkos
Dionysos Village Resort, Lassi
Name: Dionysos Village Resort
Area: Lassi
Eden Roc Resort Hotel, Kalithea
Name: Eden Roc Resort Hotel
Area: Kalithea
Ektor Apartments, Sidari
Name: Ektor Apartments
Area: Sidari
Eleon Grand Resort & Spa, Tragaki
Name: Eleon Grand Resort & Spa
Area: Tragaki
Ellenis Studios & Apartments, Laganas
Name: Ellenis Studios & Apartments
Area: Laganas
Eryphilli, Katelios
Name: Eryphilli
Area: Katelios
Gardenia Hotel, Perissa
Name: Gardenia Hotel
Area: Perissa
Grand Hotel, Hersonissos
Name: Grand Hotel
Area: Hersonissos
Grecotel Lakopetra Beach, Lakkopetra
Name: Grecotel Lakopetra Beach
Area: Lakkopetra
Grecotel Olympia Oasis, Killini
Name: Grecotel Olympia Oasis
Area: Killini
Grecotel Rhodos Royal, Kalithea
Name: Grecotel Rhodos Royal
Area: Kalithea
Holiday Village Kos, Marmari
Name: Holiday Village Kos
Area: Marmari
Holiday Village Rhodes, Kolymbia
Name: Holiday Village Rhodes
Area: Kolymbia
Hotel Aquis Sandy Beach Resort, St George South
Name: Hotel Aquis Sandy Beach Resort
Area: St George South
Hotel Aquis Silva Beach, Hersonissos
Name: Hotel Aquis Silva Beach
Area: Hersonissos
Hotel Arminda, Hersonissos
Name: Hotel Arminda
Area: Hersonissos
Hotel Astoria, Troulos
Name: Hotel Astoria
Area: Troulos
Hotel Best Western Zante Park, Laganas
Name: Hotel Best Western Zante Park
Area: Laganas
Hotel Bitzaro Grande, Kalamaki
Name: Hotel Bitzaro Grande
Area: Kalamaki
Hotel Bitzaro Palace, Kalamaki
Name: Hotel Bitzaro Palace
Area: Kalamaki
Hotel Caravel, Tsilivi
Name: Hotel Caravel
Area: Tsilivi
Hotel Diana Palace, Argassi
Name: Hotel Diana Palace
Area: Argassi
Hotel Ialyssos Bay, Trianda
Name: Hotel Ialyssos Bay
Area: Trianda
Hotel Iberostar Hermes, Aghios Nikolaos
Name: Hotel Iberostar Hermes
Area: Aghios Nikolaos
Hotel Kipriotis Hippocrates, Psalidi
Name: Hotel Kipriotis Hippocrates
Area: Psalidi
Hotel Louis Corcyra Beach, Gouvia
Name: Hotel Louis Corcyra Beach
Area: Gouvia
Hotel Louis Zante Beach, Laganas
Name: Hotel Louis Zante Beach
Area: Laganas
Hotel Nana Beach, Hersonissos
Name: Hotel Nana Beach
Area: Hersonissos
Hotel Orion, Rethymnon
Name: Hotel Orion
Area: Rethymnon
Hotel Panorama, Kalamaki
Name: Hotel Panorama
Area: Kalamaki
Hotel Sun Palace, Faliraki
Name: Hotel Sun Palace
Area: Faliraki
Iberostar Astir Odysseus, Tingaki
Name: Iberostar Astir Odysseus
Area: Tingaki
Iberostar Creta Marine, Panormo
Name: Iberostar Creta Marine
Area: Panormo
Iberostar Creta Panorama, Panormo
Name: Iberostar Creta Panorama
Area: Panormo
Iberostar Mirabello Hotel & Village, Aghios Nikolaos
Name: Iberostar Mirabello Hotel & Village
Area: Aghios Nikolaos
Imperial Belvedere, Hersonissos
Name: Imperial Belvedere
Area: Hersonissos
Ioannis and Dannyʼs, Alykanas
Name: Ioannis and Dannyʼs
Area: Alykanas
Istion Club & Spa, Nea Potidea
Name: Istion Club & Spa
Area: Nea Potidea
Kalithea Horizon Royal, Kalithea
Name: Kalithea Horizon Royal
Area: Kalithea
Kiotari Seaside, Kiotari
Name: Kiotari Seaside
Area: Kiotari
Kipriotis Village, Psalidi
Name: Kipriotis Village
Area: Psalidi
Kresten Royal Villas & Spa, Kalithea
Name: Kresten Royal Villas & Spa
Area: Kalithea
La Mer Deluxe Hotel, Kamari
Name: La Mer Deluxe Hotel
Area: Kamari
Legends Apartments, Sidari
Name: Legends Apartments
Area: Sidari
Lindos Imperial, Kiotari
Name: Lindos Imperial
Area: Kiotari
Lindos Princess, Lardos
Name: Lindos Princess
Area: Lardos
Lindos White Hotel and Suites, Lindos
Name: Lindos White Hotel and Suites
Area: Lindos
Louis Colossos Beach, Kalithea
Name: Louis Colossos Beach
Area: Kalithea
Louis Creta Princess Hotel, Maleme
Name: Louis Creta Princess Hotel
Area: Maleme
Louis Plagos Beach, Tragaki
Name: Louis Plagos Beach
Area: Tragaki
LTI Louis Grand Hotel, Glyfada
Name: LTI Louis Grand Hotel
Area: Glyfada
Lyttos Beach Hotel, Lyttos Beach
Name: Lyttos Beach Hotel
Area: Lyttos Beach
Magnolia, Katelios
Name: Magnolia
Area: Katelios
Mareblue Beach, St Spyridon
Name: Mareblue Beach
Area: St Spyridon
Marelen Hotel & Apartments, Kalamaki
Name: Marelen Hotel & Apartments
Area: Kalamaki
Marietta Studios & Rooms, Skala
Name: Marietta Studios & Rooms
Area: Skala
Mitsis Blue Domes, Kardamena
Name: Mitsis Blue Domes
Area: Kardamena
Mitsis Laguna Exclusive Resort & Spa, Hersonissos
Name: Mitsis Laguna Exclusive Resort & Spa
Area: Hersonissos
Mitsis Roda Beach Village, Roda
Name: Mitsis Roda Beach Village
Area: Roda
Mitsis Rodos Maris Resort & Spa, Kiotari
Name: Mitsis Rodos Maris Resort & Spa
Area: Kiotari
Mon Repo, Laganas
Name: Mon Repo
Area: Laganas
Nafsika, Arillas
Name: Nafsika
Area: Arillas
Nissaki Beach, Nissaki
Name: Nissaki Beach
Area: Nissaki
Oceania Club & Spa, Nea Moudania
Name: Oceania Club & Spa
Area: Nea Moudania
Park Hotel, Gouvia
Name: Park Hotel
Area: Gouvia
Pelagos Suites Hotel, Lambi
Name: Pelagos Suites Hotel
Area: Lambi
Planos Bay, Tsilivi
Name: Planos Bay
Area: Tsilivi
Primasol Louis Ionian Sun, Aghios Ioannis Peristeron
Name: Primasol Louis Ionian Sun
Area: Aghios Ioannis Peristeron
Princess Andriana Resort & Spa, Kiotari
Name: Princess Andriana Resort & Spa
Area: Kiotari
Royal Belvedere, Hersonissos
Name: Royal Belvedere
Area: Hersonissos
San Antonio Corfu Resort, Kalami
Name: San Antonio Corfu Resort
Area: Kalami
Sea View Hotel, Kolymbari
Name: Sea View Hotel
Area: Kolymbari
SENTIDO Alexandra Beach Resort, Tsilivi
Name: SENTIDO Alexandra Beach Resort
Area: Tsilivi
SENTIDO Apollo Palace, Messonghi
Name: SENTIDO Apollo Palace
Area: Messonghi
SENTIDO Blue Sea Beach, Stalis
Name: SENTIDO Blue Sea Beach
Area: Stalis
SENTIDO Elounda Blu, Elounda
Name: SENTIDO Elounda Blu
Area: Elounda
SENTIDO Louis Plagos Beach, Tragaki
Name: SENTIDO Louis Plagos Beach
Area: Tragaki
SENTIDO Port Royal Villas & Spa, Kolymbia
Name: SENTIDO Port Royal Villas & Spa
Area: Kolymbia
SENTIDO Vasia Resort & Spa, Sissi
Name: SENTIDO Vasia Resort & Spa
Area: Sissi
smartline Cosmopolitan, Ixia
Name: smartline Cosmopolitan
Area: Ixia
smartline Ellia, Lardos
Name: smartline Ellia
Area: Lardos
smartline Faliraki, Faliraki
Name: smartline Faliraki
Area: Faliraki
smartline Kipriotis Hippocrates, Psalidi
Name: smartline Kipriotis Hippocrates
Area: Psalidi
smartline Margarita, Laganas
Name: smartline Margarita
Area: Laganas
smartline Mimosa Hotel, Sidari
Name: smartline Mimosa Hotel
Area: Sidari
smartline Village Resort & Waterpark, Hersonissos
Name: smartline Village Resort & Waterpark
Area: Hersonissos
Stella Apartments, Pefkos
Name: Stella Apartments
Area: Pefkos
Stella Palace, Analipsi
Name: Stella Palace
Area: Analipsi
SunConnect Evita, Faliraki
Name: SunConnect Evita
Area: Faliraki
SunConnect Kipriotis Aqualand, Psalidi
Name: SunConnect Kipriotis Aqualand
Area: Psalidi
SunConnect Kolymbia Star, Kolymbia
Name: SunConnect Kolymbia Star
Area: Kolymbia
SunConnect Zorbas Village, Anissaras
Name: SunConnect Zorbas Village
Area: Anissaras
Sunshine Hotel, Lardos
Name: Sunshine Hotel
Area: Lardos
Sunshine Vacation Hotel, Nissaki
Name: Sunshine Vacation Hotel
Area: Nissaki
Sunshine Village Apartments, Hersonissos
Name: Sunshine Village Apartments
Area: Hersonissos
Tsilivi Beach Hotel, Tsilivi
Name: Tsilivi Beach Hotel
Area: Tsilivi
Villa Eleftheria, Perivolos
Name: Villa Eleftheria
Area: Perivolos
Zafiris, Sidari
Name: Zafiris
Area: Sidari
Zante Maris Hotel, Tsilivi
Name: Zante Maris Hotel
Area: Tsilivi

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